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The best iOS/Android mobile haptics & vibrations solution for Unity

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Nice Vibrations is the easiest way to add support for iOS and Android vibrations
and haptic feebdacks to your game available on the Unity Asset Store.

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Nice Vibrations x Lofelt

When I started work on Nice Vibrations back in 2017, I didn't have a grand plan for it. I just wanted a nice and simple way to trigger haptics on both iOS and Android. At the time, possibilities were extremely limited. It's only when CoreHaptics launched that I really fell in love with haptics. Being able to finely control haptics and so intimately communicate with the player opened an entire new way for game devs to work on their game's feel.

Four years later, Nice Vibrations has grown and is now the leading haptics solution for Unity. It's used by tons of games and studios around the world, from hypercasual games on mobile to HD titles on PC and console. Still, it can and should continue to improve. Quality of haptics on Android really varies from device to device and is a recurring frustration point for users, runtime control options are limited, and a single developer like me simply can't go and talk to manufacturers and tell them to fix their ecosystem, or improve their APIs.

That's why I'm really happy to announce a new partnership with Lofelt for the future of Nice Vibrations. Their expertise in haptics is second to none, they are already working with Qualcomm to bring new haptics APIs to Android phones, their Lofelt Studio software to create advanced haptic patterns is a perfect match with Nice Vibrations, and, put simply, the firepower they bring to the table is what's needed to take Nice Vibrations to the next level. You can check out Lofelt's announcement on Medium.

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