The best iOS/Android mobile vibrations solution for Unity

- by More Mountains -

Nice Vibrations is the easiest way to add support for iOS and Android vibrations
and haptic feebdacks to your game available on the Unity Asset Store.

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Nice Vibrations is a simple yet powerful solution to add vibrations and haptic feedbacks to your games. Built on top of the native iOS and Android APIs, it offers a universal interface to target both platforms at once, as well as ways to get exactly the right vibration on each platform specifically. It's a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.
Give it a try! Check out the demos!


Nice Vibrations comes with universal methods (that will target both iOS and Android in one line), or specific ones to get more tailored results on each platform. It's super easy to install (you just need to import the package), and very easy to work with. All methods are one liners, and you don't even need to add anything to your scenes.

Legal restrictions

You can't redistribute the code or any of the content of the asset. The names Nice Vibrations, More Mountains and Reuno Corp are copyrighted. Apart from that, feel free to use all code and visual assets included in the asset in your games, including commercial ones.

Play a Demo

- Grab the Android tech demo on the Google Play Store
- Grab Rugby Bots on the App Store (Apple doesn't allow basic demos on its App Store, but Rugby Bots makes use of Nice Vibrations and it'll give you an idea of how it runs in an actual game)