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The best iOS/Android mobile haptics & vibrations solution for Unity

- by More Mountains -

Nice Vibrations is the easiest way to add support for iOS and Android vibrations
and haptic feebdacks to your game available on the Unity Asset Store.

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Nice Vibrations is a simple yet powerful solution to add vibrations, rumble and haptic feedbacks to your games. Built on top of the native iOS and Android APIs, it offers a universal interface to target all platforms at once, as well as ways to get exactly the right vibration on each platform specifically.

It's a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.

Give it a try right now! Check out the demos!

Easy to use

Screenshot of the Nice Vibrations iOS demo

Nice Vibrations is extremely easy to use. One line of code is all you need to trigger a haptic feedback and/or rumble vibration. With a single interface to handle gamepad, Android and iOS APIs, the system lets you focus on your game and does all the hard work for you.

Nice Vibrations comes with 9 ready-made default presets for simple haptics : light, medium, heavy, rigid, soft, failure, success, selection and warning. All of these can be triggered with a simple line. If you want more, you also get access to 18 example advanced patterns (drums, heartbeat, weapon reload, dice, etc) that you can also trigger with one simple line. Controlling continuous haptics and rumble vibrations, triggering transients, all that is made as easy and consistent as possible.

The asset doesn't just come with ways to trigger haptic feedbacks and gamepad rumble vibrations, it also provides helpers to give you more control, such as detecting whether haptics are supported on device, or turning all haptics on or off at once. And if you're using MMFeedbacks, there's of course a feedback for Nice Vibrations.

And with a complete functional documentation, an exhaustive API documentation, and 8 demos and their full source code, it's never been easier to add haptics to your game.

Robust & Powerful

Basic haptics : 9 base haptic presets you can trigger with one simple line for all platforms.

Transient : create transient haptics, with separate control of intensity and sharpness for a complete control over your short haptics.

Continuous : create continuous haptics that last over time, and control their intensity and sharpness as you go, giving you complete control over your experience.

Advanced haptics : Nice Vibrations supports iOS' AHAP format for Haptics, which lets you describe complex patterns where intensity and sharpness vary over time, letting you reproduce sound-like vibrations, and you can import them and play them directly. It also automatically converts AHAP files to be played on Android or on gamepad as well. Nice Vibrations is also compatible with all AHAP editors out there.

Robust : with fallbacks for unsupported devices, multithreading support on both iOS and Android, internal checks, completion callbacks, and easy to extend methods, Nice Vibrations comes with all you need to make sure your game will work in all conditions.

Screenshot of the Nice Vibrations iOS demo

Current limitations

Due to a bug in Unity 2019.3, it's not possible to use Cloud Build to build Nice Vibrations out of the box at the moment. It's still technically possible, but you'll have to tweak your paths manually, which can get tedious. It's recommended to build locally in the meantime, which works just fine.

Legal restrictions

You can't redistribute the code or any of the content of the asset. The names Nice Vibrations, More Mountains and Reuno Corp are copyrighted. Apart from that, feel free to use all code and visual assets included in the asset in your games, including commercial ones.

Nice Vibrations x Lofelt

Nice Vibrations is partnering with Lofelt for the future of Nice Vibrations. Their expertise in haptics is second to none, they are already working with Qualcomm to bring new haptics APIs to Android phones, their Lofelt Studio software to create advanced haptic patterns is a perfect match with Nice Vibrations. Read all about it here.


5 star rating Fantastic!
As a solo developer, anything that works well right "out of the box," is greatly appreciated!

- Tayware

5 star rating Best haptic package for Unity on the market
I love that there is a demo app where I can test all the haptic presets and tweak parameters. Such a time saver. This asset package is super easy to use.

- SarahMSG

5 star rating A Great asset I've used a lot!
The gift that keeps on giving! Easily one of my favorite assets. Super easy to use and the developer keeps updating it as needed.

- DTownTony

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Play a Demo

You'll need a controller that supports rumble on PC and Mac (xbox controller, PS4 controller, etc), and a device that supports haptic feedback on iOS or Android.

🤖 Grab the Android tech demo on the Google Play Store
🍏 Check out Nice Vibrations on the App Store
🖥️ Download the PC demo
💻 Download the Mac demo